We don’t have so much money but we are thankful!

Many times, especially during the recent days, I have been worrying about having to pay the bills and making both ends meet. Thinking about what will happen to us when we’ll be out of work for the next couple of years? Our company is actually having some problems. It started with the withholding of some benefits. Now it’s about closing shop.

However, last Thursday,March 06, was one of those rare moments when I appreciated the reality that we don’t have extra cash left at home (or elsewhere,lol!). How could that happen when we are so much affected financially by the recent turn of events in the office. Well, this is what happened: The “Dugo-Dugo Gang” tried their luck on our helper/caregiver. Yep, they called our home phone, succeeded in convincing her to believe their story that we met an accident and that we needed money. They were so convincing, they even know our names and other personal details (Scary!). So Yaya looked for cash at every corner of our closet, left the room in disarray but found nothing. No money, just fancy jewelries, toiletries and some gadgets.So those bad guys hung up on her and just left a number to call in case she found anything. Luckily, my aunt, the rockin & rollin’ SR, was there and called me at the office to confirm if something really happened to us.

Until now, we were still wondering where did those evil guys get our personal information since we are actually careful in giving personal details.

Nevertheless, we are still grateful, despite of the circumstances. And I’m still thankful even if we don’t have as much as we have during the previous years. Thank you Lord for keeping our family safe, especially the kids. TO GOD BE THE GLORY! Be safe guys!



My first “Panlasang Pinoy” recipe feature

Since I am just new in the blogosphere and as I am still familiarizing myself in this amazing art of blogging, I decided to just feature/re-blog the recipes on food blogs I am subscribed to. With full credits to Victor “Vanjo” Merano , here is the first Panlasang Pinoy recipe I had received in my gmail:



Another Blessed Day

I had earlier shared here in my blog how we were blessed with a baby girl through the intercession of Padre Pio of Pietrelcina. That miraculous encounter with Padre Pio in 2011 had started our devotion to this awesome saint! However, because of the demands of pregnancy and motherhood, we were not able to regularly visit the chapel in Libis, Quezon City.

In March 2013, my father in law was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer and we were told he had just a few months to live. This news came as a shock for the whole family. In our desperation, we remembered about our devotion to Padre Pio. My husband and I, together with my mother in law started to again regularly attend mass once a week (weekdays) at the Chapel of Padre Pio in Libis. My father in law died in August 2013 but we did not take it as an unanswered prayer. We were thankful despite of the circumstances because Papa’s illness had brought our family closer in prayer. Up to this day, my husband and I continue to attend a weekday mass at Padre Pio’s chapel.

Yesterday, February 06, 2014, we got out from work a little later than usual that we’re running late for the 5:30pm mass. But to our surprise, we found ourselves at the entrance of the chapel at 5:25! When we entered the church, we cannot find a vacant pew except for the one which has an enclosure with a big crucifix and large rosary beads inside. Since half of it is vacant and there is nothing there which said we cannot occupy it, we decided to take it. I noticed a small note on the left most portion of the enclosure but didn’t really pay attention until I looked at it at the middle of the mass. I got goosebumps when I realized what was written there:
       “On April 11, 2009 (Black Saturday) at around 7:30 in the morning, a devotee saw Padre Pio wearing a brown habit, kneeling deeply in prayer in this pew.”

I almost cried when I realized where we were seated that very moment! And April 11 is also the date I gave birth to our dear little Ysabella, the angel we were blessed through the intercession of Padre Pio! We felt so very lucky and blessed!

Indeed, it was a blessed day for us as a couple and as devotees of St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina!


Ysabella’s Skin Asthma Chronicles (2014-01)


Meet my little princess, Ysabella. Contrary to what I’ve read recently that some parents think that “children are a pain in the neck“, my kids are my source of joy and inspiration. I love being with them, caring for them and wish I could be there for them 24/7.

Ella, as we fondly call her, however has special needs. When she was born, I cannot believe how she looked exactly like her two older brothers, hahaha! So adorable and with almost perfect skin! But a few weeks after birth, we noticed some red spots on her skin and some break outs on the creases of her neck, arms and legs. When we visited her pediatrician, she confirmed our fears that she indeed has SKIN ASTHMA.

Both my husband and I have allergic rhinitis. Our two boys both has asthma since they were infants. The boys became sensitized to common allergens in the environment – most likely due to genetic reasons. Both their asthma is atopic – a genetically determined state of hypersensitivity to environmental allergens. With these factors, there is a high probability of Ella having this skin condition which has a medical term of ATOPIC DERMATITIS. It is a general class of allergic hypersensitivity that affects different parts of the body that do not come in contact with allergens.

We were hoping that her condition would not worsen but a few months after her 1st birthday, we noticed some lesions started to appear together with the rashes. So we tried everything we thought would let the rashes disappear. Lotions, baby oil, moisture-rich baby wash and soaps, we tried them all but most of the time, her skin would not respond at all. It’s such a frustrating ordeal and kinda expensive too. We have to carefully choose baby products that would not trigger any break-out. I tell you, none of these products is cheap. We have to forego buying some things so we can buy her next bottle of baby wash.

I had been sleep-deprived for the last 21 months because she had been regularly waking up in the middle of the night while scratching uncomfortably and would have lesions on her elbows, knees and ears especially when the rashes become so itchy and painful that she would start crying and refuse to sleep unless you carry her and put moisturizers on her neck, back, arms and legs.

Up to this day, the hunt for the perfect product to help her get through this skin condition is still on. We haven’t really found anything that would let her stop from waking up every night. In my frustration, I am willing to try all the moisture-rich products in the world until I find “the one” that would end all of our sleepless nights.

I really get excited every time I discover new products which I think is good for her skin asthma. Just like when I stumbled upon this Pigeon Transparent soap on Facebook:

So until then, I will try to get a hold of this product and let’s see how it goes. See you on the next chapter of of our Skin Asthma Chronicles! 🙂

Just an ice breaker…

I had lots of ideas running in my mind for the past couple of weeks. Things just got crazy that I cannot make up my mind which one would I have to share first, lol. So while I am still undecided, just want to share this with you guys. I found this online and thought that it’s worth sharing to those who has the same interest. Oh yeah, you think this is a lil bit outdated since it’s already wintertime in some part of the world? Well, I have just declared these amazing recipes my all-time, all-season favorites, hahaha! Wishing you all a wonderful time!




Every morning is a new mission from GOD and every time we wake up, GOD has a plan for us.

It’s either HE will bless us, or HE will make us a blessing to others….

Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

And here’s one more gain from our almost one day of malling (trick or treating) at Robinson’s Metro East

While taking a break from the hustle and bustle at the mall’s activity area, I asked the mister to look after our trick or treaters while I sneak to the supermarket and check some groceries. Lo and behold, I found another cheaper brand of speculoos cookie butter spread – Belgium Treasure Biscrips, just P271 for a 400g bottle. I cannot compare it with other brands in terms of texture or authenticity of taste because I haven’t tried any other brands. Trusting my taste buds, I think this is a good substitute for peanut butter. Tastes yummy, actually.

IOS 018IOS 016IOS 017

Since I am a price-conscious shopper, I think this is a good find because from what I heard, Trader Joe speculoos cookie butter spread’s price ranges from P350 – P550.

You can check it out at any Robinson’s Supermarket. Happy shopping! 😉

The pains and gains of trick or treatin’

Many years ago, I never really cared about Halloween. I just started to pay attention to this event when my eldest child was born, seven years ago. For the last six years, we have been regularly attending our company’s annual Halloween party with our two boys.

However, this year, for a change, the mister & I decided to bring the kids to The Crazy Halloween Carnival at the Robinson’s Metro East in Pasig and well, for convenience, too. You know, it was not just the boys this time because we have been blessed with an adorable doll last year. We thought a mall near where we live was a good idea especially if we got 3 kids in tow.

Last Sunday, the 27th of October, the five of us arrived at the mall at around past 10:00 am. I thought the registration would not take too long but we spent almost 45 minutes to register. Oh well, I think it’s ok, we had to teach the kids about PATIENCE-no pain, no gain.

We spent almost half of the day at the mall, visiting the different booths at the activity area and later on just passing time, actually waiting for the actual treat or treatin’ to start. I was goin crazy, my legs and heels are aching due to long hours of standing (walang kinalaman ang edad dyan ha,hehehe). I was begging the kids if we can leave bec. my feet and legs were really hurting but as expected, they wouldn’t want to.

Finally, what we were waitin for started but not really sure if it was past 4:00 pm or 5:00 pm . I lost track of the time because I was really feeling bad. Thank goodness, the mister volunteered to go with the kids as they went from one store to another.

When my band of trick or treaters came back, here’s what they got:



Surprise, surprise! Hindi lang pala candies, Monde Nissin’s Voice and Bingo cookies, bumaha din ng kape – Nescafe classic and Nescafe 3n1, may Lucky Me Pancit Canton pa, wohooooo! Ang saya saya ng kids (at lalo na sina Mister & Missus)!

Thanks a lot Robinsons Malls – Metro East! We had so much fun! We hope to be back next year (wink! wink!)

Who said my feet and legs ached? You gotta be kidding me! 🙂

Mom-o-ween woes

I hear ya mommies! This is the time of the year wherein we have to take some time to squeeze our creative juices all for the love of our kiddos. In case you run out of ideas or running out of time, like me, you can browse through the net for some D-I-Y halloween costumes that may save your day. You may check this article from Nestle Club:

Spooky in a jiffy.

Have a fun Halloween guys!