We don’t have so much money but we are thankful!

Many times, especially during the recent days, I have been worrying about having to pay the bills and making both ends meet. Thinking about what will happen to us when we’ll be out of work for the next couple of years? Our company is actually having some problems. It started with the withholding of some benefits. Now it’s about closing shop.

However, last Thursday,March 06, was one of those rare moments when I appreciated the reality that we don’t have extra cash left at home (or elsewhere,lol!). How could that happen when we are so much affected financially by the recent turn of events in the office. Well, this is what happened: The “Dugo-Dugo Gang” tried their luck on our helper/caregiver. Yep, they called our home phone, succeeded in convincing her to believe their story that we met an accident and that we needed money. They were so convincing, they even know our names and other personal details (Scary!). So Yaya looked for cash at every corner of our closet, left the room in disarray but found nothing. No money, just fancy jewelries, toiletries and some gadgets.So those bad guys hung up on her and just left a number to call in case she found anything. Luckily, my aunt, the rockin & rollin’ SR, was there and called me at the office to confirm if something really happened to us.

Until now, we were still wondering where did those evil guys get our personal information since we are actually careful in giving personal details.

Nevertheless, we are still grateful, despite of the circumstances. And I’m still thankful even if we don’t have as much as we have during the previous years. Thank you Lord for keeping our family safe, especially the kids. TO GOD BE THE GLORY! Be safe guys!



1 thought on “We don’t have so much money but we are thankful!

  1. OMG mare! quite scary huh!

    Good thing God is faithful in protecting those who are with Him and your family is lucky indeed. But, I was a bit shocked how these assholes got your personal information. It’s quite strange.

    Here’s my thing, if the situation progressed and those “dugo-dugo gang” had cornered your Yaya – she might be in danger if nothing can be taken from her. Pwede siyang saktan or patayin – worst case scenario.

    But true enough – sometimes it helped when you don’t have anything -cash or jewelry wise – at home. At least nothing can be taken away. Or perhaps, they’ll take clothes or something of little value out of desperation – haha!

    Maybe, next time, try to instruct your Yaya to just never entertain any strange calls. She should never give in or be threatened. She should be calm in dealing with such situation para makapag isip siya ng mabuti. It pays to be calm.

    Thank God that the work of the evils didn’t succeed.

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